Program Overview

Providence Christian School looks at our role as working with the greater Christian community to equip the hearts and minds of our children. We are blessed to work with a number of churches that seek to enhance their ministries by partnering with us on a community and child by child level. These churches assist us in many different ways including:

  • Promoting the school to the families of their congregation as an option for those seeking Christian education
  • Planned giving or special-event donations to the school to assist with our various initiatives
  • Funding of our Tuition Assistance Program to help families in situations where tuition costs are a significant issue
  • Forming an ‘official’ partnership between the church and PCS which include extra benefits for attendees of our partner churches

We are always looking for ambassadors for our local churches. If you work for a church that would be interested or are a PCS parent that would be willing to be an ambassador for the school, let us know. Please fill out the form below and your information will be sent to our Chairman, Bruce Elisher. Thank you for your time and consideration.