Extended Day Program

Extended Day will be provided on regularly scheduled school days from 7:15am-6:00pm.

Regular School Days

Before School
7:15am-8:45am and is available to all students.

After School
1:15pm-3:15pm and is available to 4K & Kindergarten students
3:15pm-6:00pm and is available to all students

There is no Extended Day option beyond 6:00pm

PCS Extended Day Cost and Billing

Extended Day is available to Providence Christian School students at the rate of $7.00/hr. for the youngest student, $5.00/hr. for a sibling, and $4.00/hr. for subsequent siblings. Times are calculated to the nearest 5 minutes. Extended Day fees are included on your PCS monthly billing statement (which is separate from the Smart Tuition service). Prices are subject to change.

There is no Extended Day option beyond 6:00pm. Extended Day fees will be billed on a separate PCS monthly billing statement (separate from the Smart Tuition service).

No Charge Extended Day

There is no charge for Extended Day when a parent is:

  • Serving as a field trip driver for one of the classes
  • In conference with a teacher or the principal (at the request of the teacher or principal)
  • Attending a school-scheduled parent meeting, i.e. Washington, D.C. trip, etc
  • Volunteering at a school function

Note:  It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the Extended Day Supervisor if any of these conditions apply.  Whenever a conference is requested by the parent, Extended Day rates apply.