Welcome to Admissions at Providence Christian School. Here you will find what is needed to begin the application process. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the secretary, preferably by email at We sincerely thank you for considering us with the education and care of those most important to you, and we look forward to reviewing your applications. =)


Once you have clicked on the link below, from the “Register New Student” page, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHOOSE THE 22-23 SCHOOL YEAR from the 2nd dropdown menu. =)

It is also highly recommended that you complete the application all in one sitting, preferably from a desktop computer. Occasionally, starting and stopping the application before it is submitted, and trying to switch between phones and desktops, will cause some tracking glitches and make the application process more difficult for you and create login complications.

You can skip over the part about a registration deposit for now, we can make arrangements for that later on if you are assured a spot. It is advised to go ahead and upload or email me birth certificates, immunization records, and if applying for grades 3-12, complete and email me the Internet Waiver form that will be sent to you automatically after submitting your online application.

New Student Application