Our godly, dedicated faculty and support staff work hard to provide a strong academic, well-balanced learning experience and to reinforce the Christian values and character qualities you teach at home. We are vitally interested in the spiritual development of your child. Our goals are to disciple and empower our students to serve and impact their world for Christ.

Elementary Grades

4-Year-Old Kindergarten:
Mrs. Denise Bathel

Miss Teresa Veillette

First Grade:
Mrs. Alex Parker

Second Grade:
Mrs. Theresa Smith

Third Grade:
Mrs. Shellie Padilla

Fourth Grade:
Mrs. Melody Plaxton

Fifth Grade:
Mr. David Kaufman

Elementary PE:

Brittany Costa

Middle School

Sixth-Eighth Grades:
Pastor Jerry Shore
Mr. Clay Lissow


Señora Esther Trofimczuk