Miscellaneous Forms & Resources

Enrollment & Electives

PCS Handbook

Smart Tuition Enrollment Form

Internet Permission Form – Grades 3-12

In Shape PE Permission Form – Grade 6-12

Volunteer Forms

Field Trip Driver Forms – Required Volunteer Forms Are Available in the Office

DMV Driver Record Online Request

Livescan Request Form

Medication & Health Forms

COVID Health Measures, Procedures, and Protocols

Student Medication Permission Form

Student Cough Drop Permission Form

Asthma Action Plan

First Grade Health Report

Daily PCS Life

The Matthew 18 Principal for Resolving Conflict

2020-2021 Daily Schedule

2020-2021 Middle School Schedule

2020-2021 Parent Calendar

Drop Off & Pickup Map

Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures and Reminders from Mrs. Gilbertson

Uniform Information

There is a link below to our customized Land’s End Website – this is the benchmark we are striving for – but if there is another uniform company you prefer, as long as they meet the same standards, styles, and colors as Land’s End, you may purchase your uniforms from there as well. If you have any questions regarding uniforms, please contact our office.

Land’s End Uniform Ordering Website

Land’s End Uniform Ordering Instructions

Providence Christian School Dress Code and Uniform Standard